2019 Conference Exhibitors

American Heating Company
American Heating engineers and designs heating equipment such as Hot Oil Heaters, Tank Coils, Heat Exchanger and Steam Generators for the Asphalt Industry.

Anton Paar
Anton Paar offers a variety of solutions for measuring the density, viscosity, deformation and flow behavior of asphalt components and compositions, for digesting asphalt samples for subsequent trace analysis, and determining the softening point, penetration, ductility, tensile properties, breaking points, and more.

Asphalt Plus, Inc.
We produce an engineered crumb rubber additive for asphalt application. Asphalt Plus engineered rubber has endured a wide range of harsh climate & road use conditions. In spite of those tough situations, Asphalt Plus has performed impeccably well with nearly 3 million tons of placed Dry Mix Asphalt. We have assisted the auto manufacturing industry, the Department of Defense, Energy and Interior in cost-effectively reducing both their operating costs and their environmental footprint in a wide range of activities.

Applied Test Systems
The Applied Test Systems (ATS) line of Asphalt / Bitumen Testing Equipment has been an integral part of the SHRP asphalt research program and its Superpave system. Equipped with cutting edge, exclusive ATS software, each new system offers a sleek, digital touch screen that allows users to test and record data with ease. Whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, or a PC, remote capability lets you control and view your data on the go. For those looking for a more simplistic and cost effective testing solution, our original BBR model is still available without a touchscreen, and has been updated with our latest BBR software. Ensure that you stay ahead of the curve with the company that looks to the future – contact ATS today to learn more.

Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering
Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering (ATS) is an independent materials testing company in Jacksonville, Florida. Our lab is CMEC accredited and our FDOT certified technicians are conveniently located next to a state-of-the-art asphalt plant. This relationship allows us to produce plant mix for realistic production samples and discover the variability of the plant production versus the lab; making real-time adjustments with your product, and ultimately creating a full understanding of the relationship of your product, the plant production and the mixture properties. All-in-all ATS provides expert consulting in material properties, marketing opportunities, and product improvement. Our Pavement Materials Engineer will work with you through all stages of your project from initial discovery and research to performance testing to implementation to product improvement.

Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Inc. provides not only the highest quality equipment but also provides solutions for your operations. We are your source for a full range of asphalt emulsion mills and plants, polymer-modified asphalt blending mills and plants, crumb rubber blending plants, laboratory plants, storage tanks, and mixers. We have experienced people that can offer advice on manufacturing asphalt emulsion and modifying asphalt. We believe this level of support, based in the USA, is just part of our mission to make roads better. Visit our website at www.bergkampinc.com to discover all of our pavement preservation, road maintenance, and asphalt emulsion modification equipment.

ßutaphalt® Cross-Linking Agents is a part of Asphalt Products, LLC. The objective of Asphalt Products is to continue marketing and development of products for the asphalt and bitumen industry. With this objective in mind, the ßutaphalt® line of CLA’s continues to expand. In addition to the ßutaphalt® CLA’s, Asphalt Products also performs custom packaging of proprietary CLA formulations for customers.

BWS Technologie
BWS Technologie GmbH is a globally active, owner operated machining company of long history. We are experts in industrial mixing and separating processes for a wide variety of applications. We offer our customers the reliability of an established supplier, high-performance products, state-of-the-art control technology, competent employees, and flexible service.

CANNON Instrument Company
CANNON Instrument Company® will display their TE-DPV® rotational digital paddle viscometer and the ROADRUNNER® DSR air bearing dynamic shear rheometer. The TE-DPV is a simple, convenient alternative to the traditional Saybolt viscometer method for measuring asphalt emulsion viscosity. The ROADRUNNER DSR is an affordable, easy to use DSR for all asphalt testing needs. In addition, information on featured products such as the CANNON TE-BBR, TE-BBR Pro and miniAV®-HT automated viscometer will be available in the CANNON booth. The time-tested, CANNON TE-BBR bending beam rheometer measures low temperature flexural creep of asphalt binders and mixes in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM standards. Meanwhile, the CANNON TE-BBR Pro allows repeated and variable force to be applied to asphalt beams, making it ideal for asphalt binder research, mix design and forensic studies. The miniAV-HT is new, automated viscometer capable of measuring asphalt viscosity at 60 °C and 135 °C with a level of precision suitable for AASHTO T201 and ASTM D2170. CANNON representatives, including a Ph.D. rheologist, will be on hand to discuss your specific asphalt testing needs. Stop by and pick up your copy of the CANNON Asphalt Products brochure which provides information on all of CANNON’s asphalt testing products including glass viscometers, standards, constant temperature baths and associated vacuum equipment.

Capital Resin Corporation
Manufacturer of cross-linking materials for Polymer Modified Asphalt production that provide multiple operational and performance benefits while avoiding the problems associate with traditional sulfur additives. They eliminate the issues of gelation, separation, and the liberation of sulfur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide. Successfully used to produce multiple PG grade improvements and meet MSCR specifications while providing operational and occupational safety benefits. In addition to these materials we have products for the production of crumb rubber asphalts.

D&H Equipment
D&H specializes in asphalt rubber and polymer modified asphalt blenders, tanks, heaters, and controls. We are a family-owned business that began from a Texas paving company recognizing the need for reliable and durable equipment. As a custom manufacturer, we build our own proprietary equipment in our Blanco, TX fabrication facility.

ECF, Incorporated
ECF is a nationally recognized leader in liquid terminal design and construction. We provide the asphalt, roofing and emulsion industries with engineering, design and construction services. Founded in 1994, ECF is vertically integrated with a source of qualified and experienced engineering and construction professionals. Projects have included ground up terminal design builds, terminal expansions, polymer skid design, fabrication and installations, blending skids, PPA skid design, fabrication and installation and anything in-between. We have mechanical, insulation and tracing crews that travel nationally for any size job or duration. For whatever your project needs ECF can assist.

Evonik Corp
Evonik Corp is a specialty chemicals manufacturer of VESTENAMER®, a rubber additive used for modifying asphalt. With VESTENAMER®, roads are less brittle at lower temperatures, have better rutting resistance and higher stiffness.

Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals. You may recognize our household brands, such as Brawny® paper towels, Quilted Northern® bath tissue and Dixie® cups and tableware. If you’re in the construction business, you’re probably familiar with our gypsum panels and other quality building materials. Even if you work in aerospace, mining or facilities management, Georgia-Pacific products may be part of your day.

Heatec, Inc.
Heatec makes heaters, tanks and related products for a wide variety of industries. Our heaters are used mainly for heating liquids and gases. Our tanks are used mainly for mixing and storing liquids. We offer replacement parts and field support for our products and similar products.

Hexpol C
HEXLINK™ Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) products provide a range of solutions to PMA challenges. From elimination of dry sulfur additions, to complete cross-linker and accelerator packages. HEXPOL’s family of PMA products enhance the processing and performance of a variety of SBS modified paving and roofing materials.

Ingevity provides specialty chemicals and high-performance carbon materials and technologies that help customers solve complex problems. These products are used in a variety of demanding applications, including asphalt paving, oil exploration and production, agrochemicals, adhesives, lubricants, publication inks and automotive components that reduce gasoline vapor emissions. Through a team of experienced people, Ingevity develops, manufactures and brings to market products and processes that purify, protect and enhance the world around us.

Industry leading INNOVALT(R) polyphosphoric acid modifiers provide a cost effective means to achieve your high performance asphalt needs. Our product family also includes a highly compatible adhesion promoter and environmentally friendly asphalt emulsifier. Our brand new INNOVALT(R) scavenger family can help you address H2S concerns.

Malvern Panalytical
Malvern Panalytical is a leading provider of scientific instrumentation for the measurement of elemental concentrations, crystallographic structure, molecular structure, remote sensing, rheology, particle size, particle shape, particle concentration and more.

PRI Asphalt Technologies, Inc
PRI Asphalt Technologies Inc. is a fully accredited, independent testing laboratory with locations in Tampa, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Munster, Indiana, and Cadiz, Spain. We are a worldwide leader in the Paving, Roofing and Industrial market sectors. PRI specializes in complete technical support, including; testing,
evaluation, and research and development of pavement materials and products.

Rogitex Inc.
Rogitex Inc. is a global distributor based in Montreal, Canada, supplying various industries with quality Synthetic Rubbers, Additives and Natural Asphalt. Founded by Mr. Roger Kayal in 1980, the company has grown over the years thanks to our belief and dedication to customer service and to building strong relationships. Our distribution services span North America with warehouses located in Montreal, Akron, and Houston. In addition, we have an office and distribution center in Genoa, Italy.

Sasol Performance Chemicals – Wax
Sasol best known in the Asphalt Additives market for Sasobit, a synthetic wax specifically designed for performance enhancement of Asphalt. Used successfully around the world since 1997, one product with many benefits in all asphalt applications. Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemicals company that leverages the talent and expertise of our more than 32 400 people working in 37 countries. We develop and commercialize technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce a range of high-value product streams, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. One of the world’s largest producers of synthetic fuels South Africa’s leading energy and chemicals company, expanding internationally Pioneer in gas-to-liquids (GTL), coal-to-liquids (CTL) and related technologies with over 60 years’ experience

Shrieve Miami Chemical
Supplier of Low cost, High Quality Additives including PPA (PolyPhosphoric Acid) for the Modified Asphalt in the U.S. for almost a decade. Miami Chemical’s PPA is available in 115% and 105% in 5 different bulk and IBC terminals throughout North America. It is the first PPA manufactured for the Asphalt industry directly from the P4 raw material resulting in higher quality end product and a far greater economical advantage.

With the addition of our third manufacturing line completed in 2014, Miami Chemical now has the capacity to supply the total United States PPA demand many times over.

Miami Chemical also has partnered with Baker Hughes to promote and distribute their H2S Scavengers and carries a wide range of other specialty chemicals for the Modified Asphalt Market including hardener resins, Non-Sulfur crosslinkers and anti-strips making them a necessary partner for anyone making Modified Asphalt.

VSS Macropaver
VSS Macropaver is a manufacturer of PMA and Emulsion Mill Skids and Asphalt Rubber Plants. Located in Hickman California, VSS Macropaver has been in business for over 30 years specializing in asphalt manufacturing, pavement maintenance and preservation equipment and building micro surfacing / slurry seal pavers. Our Macropaver 12E PTO is the fastest micro surfacing paver on the market with rates of 3 to 4 tons per minute.

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