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Updated January 18, 2018

All States Materials Group
We sell liquid binder, make emulsions, have chip seal operations, and have terminals and hot mix plants.

American Heating Company
American Heating Company engineers and builds Hot Oil Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Tank Coils and Steam Generators for Asphalt heating.

Anton Paar USA
Anton Paar dynamic shear rheometers have proven themselves worldwide for decades due to numerous innovative technologies like the EC motor, the Toolmaster™ automatic tool recognition system, and the most accurate Peltier temperature control for dry sample thermostatting available. This guarantees unrivaled accuracy, convenience, and ease of use in asphalt and bitumen rheology.

The dynamic shear rheometers (DSR) from Anton Paar are especially designed for the needs and demands of the asphalt industry. All relevant asphalt binder and bitumen standards can be covered with SmartPave 92, SmartPave 102, MCR 302, and EC-Twist 502.

Come by and visit our booth to learn more.

Applied Test Systems
In business for over 50 years, ATS is a manufacturer of BBR, PAV, VDO, RTFO, Pyrolytic Oven, and Roofing Cyclic Tester.

Bergkamp Inc.
Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions is your source for a full range of asphalt emulsion mills and plants, polymer-modified asphalt blending mills and plants, crumb rubber blending plants, laboratory plants, storage tanks, and mixers. We provide not only the highest quality equipment, but also provide solutions for your operations. Our mills offer better engineering, better performance, and a better return on your investment. Bergkamp Bituminous Solutions also offers a 5-year limited warranty on the entire mill, including the rotor and stator.

Our enhanced product line allows owners of roadways to be even more efficient in the construction, maintenance, and preservation of their road infrastructure.

Whatever your needs may be, we will work with you to determine the best equipment solutions for your operation to ensure a long-term, high-performance operation with consistent results. Call us when it’s time for a change. (785) 404-3475. bergkampinc.com

BWS Technologie GmbH
SUPRATON Polymer mills and Emulsion high shear mills.

Cannon Instruments
CANNON Instrument Company® will display their TE-DPV® rotational digital paddle viscometer and the ROADRUNNER® DSR air bearing dynamic shear rheometer. The TE-DPV is a simple, convenient alternative to the traditional Saybolt viscometer method for measuring asphalt emulsion viscosity. The ROADRUNNER DSR is an affordable, easy to use DSR for all asphalt testing needs. In addition, information on featured products such as the CANNON TE-BBR, TE-BBR Pro and miniAV®-HT automated viscometer will be available in the CANNON booth. The time-tested, CANNON TE-BBR bending beam rheometer measures low temperature flexural creep of asphalt binders and mixes in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM standards. Meanwhile, the CANNON TE-BBR Pro allows repeated and variable force to be applied to asphalt beams, making it ideal for asphalt binder research, mix design and forensic studies. The miniAV-HT is new, automated viscometer capable of measuring asphalt viscosity at 60 °C and 135 °C with a level of precision suitable for AASHTO T201 and ASTM D2170. CANNON representatives, including a Ph.D. rheologist, will be on hand to discuss your specific asphalt testing needs. Stop by and pick up your copy of the CANNON Asphalt Products brochure which provides information on all of CANNON’s asphalt testing products including glass viscometers, standards, constant temperature baths and associated vacuum equipment.

Capital Resin Corporation
Manufacturer of cross-linking materials for Polymer Modified Asphalt production that provide multiple operational and performance benefits while avoiding the problems associate with traditional sulfur additives. They eliminate the issues of gelation, separation, and the liberation of sulfur dioxide or hydrogen sulfide. They have been successfully used to produce multiple PG grade improvements and meet MSCR specifications while providing operational and occupational safety benefits. In addition to these materials, we have products for the production of crumb rubber asphalts.

Capital Resin Corporation is a privately held chemical manufacturing company. We have provided contract manufacturing for some of the largest chemical producers in the world as well as process and product development services since 1976. Our materials are used in adhesives, coatings, construction, composites, textiles, and agricultural applications. Contact us for your unique manufacturing solution.

D&H Equipment, LTD


  • Liquid Terminal Design & Construction Services
  • Mechanical Installation Services
  • Heat Trace & Insulation Services


  • Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Skids
  • PPA Skids
  • Molten Sulfur Injection Skids


ECF, Inc.
ECF, Inc. provides the liquid terminal and industrial manufacturing industries with a source of qualified and experienced design, construction, and management professionals. Founded in 1994, ECF is nationally recognized as a premier provider in liquid terminal construction, additions and renovations with a commitment to building long term customer relationships based on a safe work environment, quality construction management and equipment installed with excellent customer service. The design and construction experience includes crude oil, refined products, asphalt, renewable fuels, and most non-food grade chemical applications. In addition to new facilities and capitals projects, ECF has a fabrication division with experience in new process systems, blending systems, and process modification systems that can be easily integrated into existing plants and terminals.

Heatec, Inc.
Heatec makes heaters, tanks and related products for a wide variety of industries. Our heaters are used mainly for heating liquids and gases. Our tanks are used mainly for mixing and storing liquids. We offer replacement parts and field support for our products and similar products.

ICL Advanced Additives
ICL is a worldwide phosphate mining and phosphate products manufacturing company. Polyphosphoric acid, a versatile additive used in food, electronics, and many other applications, is also commonly used as a cost-effective modifier for asphalt cement by increasing G* with no changes to cold temperature properties.

IKA Works, Inc.
IKA WORKS is a worldwide manufacturer of mixing and dispersing equipment for the chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, coatings, personal care and cosmetics industries. IKA provides a wide range of products including high shear mixers and mixing systems, from laboratory to production scale. IKA has a fully equipped testing facility for testing, and also has trial machines available for on-site testing.

InfraTest USA Inc.
German-manufactured Laboratory testing equipment for the asphalt industry.

We provide an array of water-based pavement preservation products that eliminate traditional asphalt heating, mixing and transportation demands – saving you time, energy and money. Our technical team matches the right emulsifier to your materials to create quality, high-performing emulsions that grow your business. We offer a full range of specialized cationic, anionic, and amphoteric emulsifiers with additional, custom-formulated specialty additives.

Evotherm, our revolutionary warm mix additive, is an alternative to traditional hot mix, delivering proven warm mix asphalt performance at the lowest production temperatures.

Asphalt Additives including Polyphosphoric acid, H2S Scavenger, Antistrip, and emulsifiers.

Jive by POET
Jive—the latest innovation from POET—is here to give your old asphalt new life.

POET’s patented BPX process makes Jive a more cost-effective, safer and healthier asphalt rejuvenator. And because Jive is made from 100% homegrown American corn, it is greener than the competition by a mile.

Malvern Panalytical
Malvern Panalytical is a leader in materials characterization, creating expert solutions for the challenges associated with maximizing productivity, developing better quality products and getting them to market faster. We provide superior, customer-focused solutions and services which deliver tangible economic impact through chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials.

Miami Chemical
Miami Chemical is a leading supplier of Polyphosphoric Acid 105 and 115% and Liquid Anti-Strips.

PRI Asphalt Technologies, Inc.
PRI is a national and global leader in materials testing and performance. PRI provides accredited, independent, third-party testing, evaluation, and technical services to the Asphalt/Bitumen, Building Materials, Chemical, Construction/Infrastructure, and Energy Markets.

Rogitex Inc.
Rogitex Inc. is a leading global distributor supplying various industries with quality Elastomers, Plastics and Carbon Black. We plan to exhibit our range of products.

Thermoplastics Elastomers

  • SBS
  • SEBS
  • SIS

Natural Asphalt

  • Cocofil


  • Non-Carcinogenic Aromatic Oils
  • Tall Oils

Hydrocarbon Resins

  • C5 Aliphatic
  • C9 Aromatic


Sasol Performance Chemicals
Sasobit from Sasol Chemicals is a highly versatile asphalt modifier designed to increase both softening point and hardness while decreasing asphalt binder viscosity.

Our most recent development REDUX is targeted for increased RAP levels with viscosity reduction without PG binder affects.

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