Executive Committee
Jeanne Kendrick President Kraton Polymers
Hal Panabaker Vice President DuPont Elvaloy®
Al Meitl Treasurer ECF Incorporated
John Chipy Secretary Valero Energy
Ron Corun Past President Axeon Specialty Products
Jim Sattler Executive Director AMAP
Finance Committee
Al Meitl Chairman ECF Incorporated
Technical Committee
Ron Corun Chairman Axeon Specialty Products
Gaylon Baumgardner Paragon Technical Services
John Casola Malvern Instruments
Ray Gore Road Science, Division of ArrMaz
Bob Kluttz Kraton Polymers LLC
Larry Larson ICL Advanced Additives
Richard Lee Dynamic Surface Applications
Gerald Reinke Mathy Construction
Education Committee
Bob Kluttz Chairman Kraton Polymers LLC
Gaylon Baumgardner Paragon Technical Services
John Casola Malvern Instruments
Cris Clopotel Honeywell International, Inc.
Ron Corun Axeon Specialty Products
Laurand Lewandowski Owens Corning
Chris Lubbers Kraton Polymers
Marketing Committee
Hal Panabaker Chairman DuPont Elvaloy®
Website Subcommittee
Kevin Carlson
Chairman Jebro Incorporated
Trade Show Subcommittee
Ed Myatt
Chairman TSRC-Dexco Polymers
Scholarship Subcommittee
Delmar Salomon
Chairman Pavement Preservation Systems LLC
Kevin Hardin
Associated Asphalt / Bituminous Technologies
Jim Sattler
Brochure Subcommittee
Blake Wiseman
Chairman Honeywell International, Inc.
Newsletter Subcommittee
Marty Burrow
Chairman Vance Brothers
John Casola
Malvern Instruments
Dan England
LCY Elastomers LP
Ray Gore
Road Science, Division of ArrMaz
Andy Menapace
Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions
Karissa Mooney
HollyFrontier Co.
Gustavo Olano
Honeywell International, Inc.
Membership Committee
Chris Shepherd Chairman Momentum Technologies, Inc.
Delmar Salomon Latin America Pavement Preservation Systems LLC
Charles Zhang Asia Dalworth Machine Products, Inc.
Annual Meeting Committee
John Casola Chairman Malvern Instruments

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