Officers and Board

Executive Officers
Hal Panabaker President DuPont Elvaloy®
John Chipy Vice President Valero Energy
John Murphy Secretary Ultrapave Corporation
Al Meitl Treasurer ECF Incorporated
Board Members
Producer Members Marty Burrow Vance Brothers
John Chipy Valero Energy
Bob Forfylow LaFarge Asphalt Technologies
Edgard Hitti Alon USA
Donald Siler Marathon Petroleum Company, LP
Supplier Members Everett Crews MWV
Dan England LCY Elastomers
John Murphy Ultrapave Corporation
Hal Panabaker DuPont Elvaloy®
Chris Shepherd Momentum Technologies, Inc.
Associate Members Ken Grzybowski PRI Asphalt Technologies
Delmar Salomon Pavement Preservation Systems LLC
Darryl Young Dalworth Machine Products, Inc.
Past President Member Jeanne Kendrick Kraton Polymers
Treasurer Al Meitl ECF Incorporated
Honorary Members
Bob Berkley Executive Director Emeritus and AMAP Member For Life
Rosalie Berkley AMAP Member for Life
AMAP Executive Director
Jim Sattler AMAP
Executive Director
P.O. Box 305
Avon, OH 44011

Billing and Accounting:
P.O. Box 270006
St. Louis, MO 63127

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