AMAP Member Job Opening

Analytical Laboratory Manager

PRI Asphalt Technologies

PRI Asphalt Technologies provides materials / products Testing, quality Control & assurance, product improvement services, forensic Services, crude simulation & analysis, pavement performance testing and Research & Development support.

PRI is an independent, accredited laboratory offering the most extensive and unique technical assistance across all domestic and international asphalt PRI is Active in 50 States & 30+ foreign countries. From paving, to roofing to industrial to special applications, whether it relates to mainstream, specialized or for product under development, PRI has the capabilities and expertise to characterize materials, assess their performances into any asphalt application and provide guidance for improvement in order to help grow our customers’ business.

PRI Asphalt Technologies is a recognized member of the asphalt industry and active participants to the Asphalt Institute, Association of Modified Asphalt Producers, the 5 domestic Asphalt Users Producers groups, the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturing Association, Transportation Research Board, and Federal Highway sponsored Expert Task Group as well as other local or international organizations.

Accreditations: (AASHTO/AMRL for SUPERPAVETM and Conventional Binders, Mix Designs, Emulsions, Aggregates & Cutbacks, ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory, FAA for P-401, Airport Bituminous Mix Designs).


General Job Description :

The candidate will be responsible to lead a team of Chemical Lab technicians who are accountable for conducting tests such as : analysis of crude oil, asphalt, petroleum coke, oil and or related hydrocarbons, polymer and wide variety of building & construction materials. In this position the tasks include, sample analysis, equipment operation, calibration and maintenance. The candidate will have to either follow established experimental procedures (ASTM, AASHTO…) or participate in the development or improvement of new method. The day to day tasks will involve wet-chemistries as well as utilization of analytical instruments (ICP, XRF, GC, IR…).


The lab manager will:

  • Provides leadership for day to day operations of the Lab Technicians
  • Responsible for all supervisory duties as assigned for any subordinates assigned
  • Carries out analytical research and development assignments
  • Analyze technical aspects of projects and determines methods and techniques to be used and principles to be applied
  • Utilize or adapt standard methods of procedure
  • Prepares periodic and final progress reports
  • Directs activities of other professionals and technicians assigned to project



The candidate will need to exhibit a “can do” attitude and be comfortable with multitasking. He or she should have a good understanding of time sensitive requirements. The quality of work and reliability of results are a must for this position. In addition, the candidate needs to have a detail orientated personality as well as very good organizational, communication and practical skills. The candidate needs to have a problem solving mindset, should exhibit problem solving skills involving wide variety of chemistries and have the ability to communicating cleary complex projects to non-experts.


  • Minimum MS Degree in : Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Science
  • 1-2 years Supervisory experience
  • 3-5 years Lab experience
  • Hands-on experience in chromatography (Gas, liquid, Solid), FTIR, XRF, ICP, wet chemistry, GPC, TGA…