Dr. David R. Jones IV Scholarship

Dave JonesThe Dr. David R. Jones IV Scholarship

Apply online for the 2017 Dave Jones scholarship.

The David R. Jones annual scholarship is an award set up by the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP) and funded by AMAP and donations.

All college graduate students and undergraduates who have completed their sophomore year and are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in North America are eligible to apply. Applicants should be majoring in a field of study that is related to asphalt technology such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry or other related major. Preference will be given to applicants with experience and interest in the field of asphalt technology directly related to asphalt modification and innovations in material science applicable to improving the durability of asphalt materials. Winners will be announced at the 2017 AMAP Annual Conference & Workshop.

The scholarship is named in honor of Dr. David R. Jones IV who served in a variety of capacities throughout his career in the asphalt industry including working for Owens Corning/Trumbull and also at the University of Texas where he was a key part of the Asphalt Research Team responsible for the Performance Graded (PG) Asphalt Binder Specification. Dave was a member of many industry committees and held 24 asphalt-related patents or patent applications.

The Association of Modified Asphalt Producers is dedicated to the development, production, and use of modified asphalts for highway paving. The association promotes technical research, education, production, and planning assistance. The Association welcomes members from research organizations, polymer production companies, asphalt production companies, contractors, and governmental agencies.

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